Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom (a book review)

Four years before Julia Child passed away, her book, “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom” was published and became a go-to manual for us semi-experienced – intermediate cooks. The book includes some of her best recipes in her collective cooking career with precise measurements and tips. I found the book to be extremely helpful for knowing when to boil vegetables at the right time so that it’s never overcooked or what to do with calf liver (God help me) if I decided to ever cook with it. Sometimes, you want to make a French loaf of bread and you know exactly all the ingredients you need, but not sure exactly how much yeast and flour ratio it calls for. Julia responds to these questions with conciseness and advises that the book was meant to be read as a review for those who who’ve had experience preparing tarts, roasted chicken, roasted leg of lamb (oops that’s a negative for me Julia), coq au vin, etc. What I love about this tiny book is that she takes really long and technical recipes like boeuf bourguignon from her first book, “Mastering The Art of French Cooking,” and cuts out all the unnecessary steps yet gives us short cuts that saves time and does not compromise the outcome of the dish. I’d recommend this book to all of those who cook at least basic French food and like all of her other cookbooks, Julia’s voice comes alive in all of her instructions. It’s like cooking with a friend.