Phở Gà (shortcut version)

When Dan buys a chicken, he’ll debone the chicken himself and use every part including the rib cage and remaining bones to make a delicious broth. When we cook together on the weekends, we save the skins and scraps from vegetables and add them in to make chicken stock. I’m still in the process of getting him to give us a tutorial of exactly what he does but the cool thing is, the man’s freezer and fridge is always stacked with 64 ounce containers of broth. This means, we are ready to make curries, gravy, bisques, and chowders whenever we want without having to buy tons of broth from the store. I encourage everyone to save the bones and make your own broth. It’s a great way to control the amount of salt in your soup and a bonus that it contains no added preservatives/coloring/MSG. So here’s another great idea: use your chicken broth to make chicken pho. Since preparing the broth is usually the longest part, you can make the soup in no time.


Serves 4

•    4 liters of chicken broth
•    1 pound of fresh pho noodles
•    small package of pho seasoning with whole seeds
•    small yellow onion
•    1 large chicken breast
•    1 tablespoon of salt
•    2 teaspoon sugar
•    2 nubs of ginger sliced thinly
•    For garnish: chopped cilantro, green onions, bean sprouts, lime, Thai basil

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Roast the onion with skin on for 20 minutes or until fragrant. Remove pho spices from package and roast on non-stick pan for 5 minutes or until fragrant. Add spices into the mesh bag and secure tightly.
2. In a large soup pot, bring chicken broth, ginger, and roasted onion to a boil. Add in seasoning bag and raw chicken breast. Cook for 20 minutes and remove breast from the soup. Let the breast rest for 5 minutes then slice thinly.
3. In a medium pot, fill halfway with water and bring to a boil. Add in noodles and cook for 2 minutes. Drain water and rinse noodles in warm water to remove excess starch. Divide noodles between 4 soup bowls and ladle hot broth over soup. Add chicken breasts and finish off with garnishes.



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