The Life House coffee shop (Rockwall, Tx)

North Texas is slowly building up a reputation for being a coffee drinking place. Little coffee shops are popping up like mushrooms, mostly clustered in the city but many good ones can be found in the burbs. This morning I made a trip to meet my friend Alf to talk about graphic designing stuff and we decided to skip Starbucks and opt for some place we both haven’t tried. Enter Life House coffee shop, one of the best coffee shops in Texas!

The first all-organic coffee shop that ever came to DFW and it happens to be so far away from where I live in downtown Dallas. 😦


Finding The Life House coffee shop was such a treat for the following reasons:

-They roast their own coffee beans and their own blend of espresso is pretty darn good
-All coffee syrups are made in-house. None of that artificial stuff we’re used to.
-A bad-ass breakfast menu, made with organic, local ingredients.
-All pastries made in-house every day.
-Lots of indoor and outdoor seating.
-Friendly, accommodating staff. The people who run this place are really pleasant.


I bought a bag of their espresso blend to make at home. I’m so excited!


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