Baking project 3/2 Ana’s mom’s bday tiramisu

I love that I don’t work weekends at all since it gives me all the time in the world to sleep in on Saturdays and spend all afternoon in the kitchen baking or cooking meals that require the time limit not approved by Rachael Ray. Weekends for me are for building cakes or slow cooking stews, baking pies, molding cold butter and flour into gorgeous scones. My friend Ana requested an 8 inch tiramisu for her mom’s birthday this weekend. I had so much fun building this cake. It’s a vanilla chiffon (to replace ladyfinger cookies that traditional make a tiramisu) soaked with espresso and filled with a mascarpone/zabaglione mixture. I’m pleased with how it came out. I tried to make some henna piping patterns and that was interesting to do with whipped cream.

Ana's mom's cake 3/2/2012

Ana’s mom’s cake 3/2/2012

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