Zen bistro & dessert bar

If you happen to ever travel to Dallas and you’re a fan of cake balls, please add Zen bakery on your list of places to visit. Zen bistro & dessert bar is a small eatery in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas with Filipino inspired tapas and to-die-for desserts. I was informed that they’re adding vegan and gluten-free items to their menu. I got a taste of all the different flavors and the gluten-free/vegan cake balls were just as delicious as their counterpart. I believe the flavors I got today were strawberry, birthday cake, chocolate, lemon, raspberry blondie, macaroon, and vanilla. All were delicious but the best was the raspberry blondie. It was dense but the texture was more custard-like than cake-y. Additionally, they have a bubble tea menu which is honestly a gem since I don’t have to drive far from work to get a bubble tea. DSCN0978DSCN0976

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