Bento Fab!

When I was in college, I was a full time student working 2 jobs. I would go to my classes early morning then helped manage a family restaurant in the afternoon and tend to my even dessert delivery job in the evening. I worked around food for more than half the day and sometimes, I didn’t have a chance to eat. When I did it was always on the go and at the drive-thru. The low point was when I began eating while driving, very regularly.

The good news about not being in school anymore is that I only have to focus on one job at a time which allows some stability in my day to day schedule which means I actually have time to pack lunch. When I got a job at Senico Labs in December, I got extremely lucky. I’m learning so much about programming and the creative side of web building. I have to say, when I found out they were putting a rock climbing wall in the office, I knew it was going to be a fun job to stay at. So, to save money and to implement more vegetables in my diet, I started packing bento lunches to work. I would buy beans, whole grains, pastas, and meats in bulk when they were on sale because I could freeze my meats and keep the slow perishables in the pantry for long periods and shopped for fresh vegetables and fruit 1x a week. I didn’t know how much money I actually spent dining out if I didn’t try cooking on a regular basis. My lunches have been healthier and I’ve been saving so much money! Hooray hooray. So far, preparation takes on average 30 minutes each meal. Here are some of the lunches I packed in the past few weeks.


  • Bihari roast chicken
  • turmeric jasmine rice
  • sugar snap peas
  • cucumbers
  • baby corn


  • quinoa
  • porcine mushroom frittata
  • baked sweet potato fries with garlic and rosemary


  • stir fried kiwi mussels
  • green beans and tomato
  • flower onigiri
  • tangerine and blueberries

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