Preserving a passion for food and Pink Frosting Cupcakes review

Since we’re inching closer towards the end of the year, it’s time to do some serious reflecting.

What I’m about to write is going to be mildly depressing yet it needs to be brought to light.

I’ve been meeting a lot of new chefs lately and the one thing they all have in common regardless of their culinary background is that at one point, they all shared an insatiable passion for food. This is to say not just what food’s purpose is, but what food is in relation to everything that exists. Today, I met 2 chefs. One, an amazing baker who seemed to be exhausted by her work that she couldn’t wait to leave her work place. I watched her struggle for a smile as she told me about the confectioneries she created. The other chef I met, someone who had been cooking for over 10 years still maintained that passion and delight in making good food. His joy for his work as he explained to me, was infectious. I’m beginning to think that if we don’t have some distance and boundaries in our own passions, we start to lose it. Sometimes being away from something that you love, makes  you love it more. If there is anything that I’m afraid of in my career is that at some point, I’ll start to hate cooking or writing if I bury myself in it that I can’t see anything beyond it. Heidegger, our founding father of Westernized thinking and Being, would argue that to know what something is worth, is to know what it’s like to be without it. How I agree!

I guess that should suffice for a short moment of reflection.

I may have pissed off  a girlfriend last night when I made a smart ass comment about how the cupcake fad was going to die out and macarons would take its place. When the cupcake trend began, we (Texas and our sugar lovin’ selves) followed the fad that started in California with famous cupcakeries such as Magnolia (LA) and Sprinkles (Beverly Hills). Now it seems we are looking up to famous bakeries like Ladurée (New York, NY) for their famous macarons. I didn’t mean to offend anyone who is trying to actualize the dream of owning a cupcakery, I’m just saying that for no legitimate reason, one form of sugar becomes more popular than the other. According to my predictions for food trends, macarons will be next and donuts will follow.

Earlier in the afternoon as I was driving through Coppell, I noticed yet another cupcakery that apparently opened in the summer named Pink Frosting. The interior decor was a cliché because everything was very pink and brown. They had a large display of cupcakes. The cashier recommend the Red Velvet or Banana Foster. I can make an awesome red velvet so I opted for Banana Foster. The cake portion was yummy: moist, fluffy, reminiscent of a banana muffin. The frosting was a cream cheese one and it was yummy. The cupcake was artfully garnished with a banana chip.  However, like all cupcakes, the ratio of cake to frosting was overwhelming. There was so much frosting. I can’t say that I  would drive all the way out to Coppell for a cupcake but if I happen to be in that neck of the woods, maybe.

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