Brain Cupcakes

One of my favorite things about Halloween is the gross looking, yet delicious foods you can make. Brain cupcakes is what it’s all about. I made brain cupcakes using a large frosting bag and some plain white icing. They look incredibly gross yet delicious. For these cupcakes, I’m using my standard cupcake recipe which yields 24 servings. After you’ve prepared your cupcakes, it’s time for the fun part, frosting braaaaaiiiins! I should have VLOGED this post. It would’ve been more fun for you all to hear me get excited about brains. For the frosting, I like to use a cream cheese icing because it’s tasty and good for me in so many ways, like my hips for example (not really).

  1. First, using scissors, cut off a 1/2 inch off the tip of the icing bag. Fill bag with frosting into 3/4 of the bag, twist the end to secure.
  2. Pipe 2 parallel lines in the center of the cupcake, then pipe half a circle on each side of the cupcake (so that the it looks like the shape of 2 orange slices). Then pipe a squiggly line on each half to resemble the brain.

Voila! You should have 24 awesomely gross looking brain cupcakes.

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