Victor Tango’s: Legendary Chicken and Waffles

Passion fruit Gimlet (Fresh thyme, vodka, passion fruit, lime juice, pineapple juice)

It’s hard to think about the restaurant Victor Tango’s without an image of crispy hot waffles, juicy chicken tenders with sweet syrup and gravy on a hot plate. When my friends and I last dined here, we politely fought for who would get the last chicken and waffle. Eventually, to salvage our friendships and to prevent a nice situation from gettin’ ugly, we just ended up ordering more. People who have not tried chicken and waffles cannot conceive of the idea that chicken and waffles could ever go together. Believe me when I say, it’s as if the idea had preexisted and God put the two under the category of all things that are eternally good.

Legendary Chicken and Waffles

The restaurant is located off I-75 and Henderson, in an area that seems to be the mecca for culinary adventures. Victor Tango’s in particular, ubiquitously known for it’s organic and creative cocktails, has an impressive menu that derives from it’s southern influences and new American cuisine. Another hit item aside from chicken and waffles is the lamb lollipops with balsamic reduction. They are juicy and surprisingly (for those who typically do not like lamb) not gamey at all. There’s a hint of tamarind sauce that goes so well with the meat.

No doubt Victor Tango’s is a great bar and you’re bound to see people hang out here after work and have a few cocktails but the food here is nothing like typical bar fare. The vibe is split between social bar scene and upscale (though not pretentious) dining.

Lamb Lollipops with honey balsamic

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