Poetry & Cake

Know what I realized today? The more a poem gets discussed out loud, the more you like it. This is what we do in the English department at UTA in our final semester: We pick poems to pieces, turning it upside down, looking at the meaning of every punctuation or lack there of, the diction, the imagery, whose voice? I have a love and hate relationship with poetry. On the one hand, I think it’s amazing that a poem can be interpreted in multiple ways and no one’s interpretation is alike. On the other hand, I’d rather not spend more than 5 minutes breaking down any poem but I’m slowly learning to love it because I realize it’s not about what’s being written, it’s about the form, style, spacing, and all the elements outside of the words themselves that render the most meaning of these works. Earlier in the semester when I analyzed T.S. Eliot’s, “The Wasteland,” forget it, the allusions made me wanted to kill myself. Someone should have given me a disclaimer. I think anyone who is going to dive into that poem needs a week to absorb it, then take a vacation, then come back and give themselves another week to fully take in the poem.

I had a brain-full day but it was productive and blessed with lots of learning opportunities. I was looking forward to coming home to make Huong’s birthday cake: a 3-layer pandan chiffon cake with whipped cream and fruit filling. We celebrated at my favorite Indian restaurant, Mayuri in Las Colinas and had a beautiful meal followed by the anticipated cake. Everyone gave lots of positive feedback on the texture and flavor which was pretty awesome. I’m now seriously thinking about adding this cake to my catering menu. What a blessed day! Poetry + friendship + cake. A combo designed by the Lord himself. Happy 32nd Birthday Huong Morgan! You are loved!



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