B.E.E. Enchiladas

If you’re reading this and have not ventured beyond the barb wires of Oak Cliff, I’m about to give you a reason to take that plunge and be a little adventurous. There’s an small restaurant on Davis Street called B.E.E. Enchiladas (Best Enchiladas Ever is what it stands for) that serves up casual Tex-Mex fare. I’ve been driving past this little establishment all year, wondering what makes these enchiladas a step above the rest. Well, when Friday came around my girlfriend Carla and I decided to be adventurous foodies. Upon arrival, we noticed that building has a nice patio space but it was just too hot so we opted to dine inside. Basically you go in and order by grabbing a check off sheet. The menu choices were divided into enchiladas, salads, and tacos. I had alot of fun checking off the choices. I ordered 2 enchiladas, one bluecorn brisket enchilada with poblano crema sauce and another with wheat sauteed mushroom and onion with sour cream sauce. The brisket was tender and flavorful and the beans that accompanied my plate were delicious but the rice was just a-ok. The filling of our enchiladas were delicious. The sauteed vegetables were cooked perfectly. The sauces were good. Overall, I’d say the food was good enough so that I’d want to come back soon the next time I need my enchilada fix. The restaurant was not too busy when we arrived but was swamped when we were about to leave.

*Photo from D Magazine.


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