Chocolate Red Wine

       Last Monday when Anne and I decided to have a girls night in, we ended up roasting a beautiful chicken with roasted root vegetables and I also picked up a pint of ripe strawberries for a healthy dessert… or errrr.. ..what ended up being more of a snack compared to what I’m about to tell you about next.  When Anne mentioned she found a bottle of chocolate wine from Sprouts, we had to pop it open before dinner was ready to taste if it lived up to what it advertised. Chocolate Shop’s Chocolate Red Wine’s Manufacturer note says: flavors of black cherry, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder leaving a thick coating on the tongue reminiscent of  melted pieces of chocolate or hot cocoa. Now, whoever wrote the description of the wine was accurate to the T. The chocolate wine was definitely on the highest level of sweet on the sweet wine scale. It was rich and fruity with a velvety finish. It wasn’t overwhelming at all and I imagine that anyone who does not like chocolate might be converted by this wine. The richness of the wine leaves a coating on the tongue as if you’d sipped hot chocolate. I ate a ripe strawberry that I’d bought and sipped on the chocolate wine and realize that it was very much like eating chocolate dipped strawberries. It was pretty amazing. Anyone who is invited to my future dinner parties should expect to see this wine show up again and again. Anne told me that you can find this wine at Sprouts for less than $7 which is a bonus for such a delicious tasting wine. I’d definitely serve this with dessert or a rich red protein dish. Chocolate Shop also makes the wine in other flavors like Chocolate Strawberry or Creme de Cocoa.

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