The Ana & Hector Argueta wedding

The date is June 9, 2012.

The acoustic guitar echoes through the cathedral, oscillating from every wall. I look to my right and my best friend, who is teary eyed, is watching his eldest brother Hector getting married to one of the best people we know.

As Ana’s parents are giving her away to her new husband, tears are in everyone’s eyes. Hector is crying, mama Ceci and Papa Jose is crying. Their new daughter in law Veronica is also crying. By this time the two said their vowels, we are all Niagara Falls. There is nothing like watching two of your good friends getting married. They are proof that a Godly love exists and for us cynical singles who think we live in a loveless superficial world, there is hope. I will always be in prayer that God protects their marriage and friendship and that he is always their refuge and comfort in good and bad times. I love them both so much!

Some of you may have remembered that a year ago, I was given the task to make the wedding cupcakes. I was thrilled and honored because it would be my first wedding project. I just want to thank all my friends Hector and Ana for giving me a chance to be an interactive part of this wedding. Thank you all friends for supporting me and rooting me on. I enjoy being challenged to improve myself and this was the perfect opportunity.

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I’ve uploaded photos to show you how well they turned out. We put the finished project on a 7 tier cupcake holder that we found online. Since it didn’t all fit on the holder, we spread them out on the table around the tier which was still very nice.

Banana cake and strawberry cream cheese frosting


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