7 snacks movie theaters need to introduce

Right now, I’m munchin’ on some dried jackfruit chips that was made in Ho Chi Minh City, VN and I’m thinking how awesome it would be if our movie theaters abrogated the endless amount of alkalized, corn syrup based junk available to us and replace it with better, and dare I say although probably asking for way too much, healthy snacks? I think our cinema experiences would improve a ton if the Magonlia theatre and The Landmark wasn’t the only place one could get Pocky. If I had it my way, every movie theater would sell bottled IBC rootbeer and have a full espresso bar. Asking for too much? I think not. I’m a regular movie-goer and even though the boyfriend is completely satisfied with his popcorn and Mr. pibb, (man life would be easier if I liked popcorn),Β  I find myself wanting something more exciting. Agree or disagree? These are the snacks I think every theater should sell.

#1. Jackfruit chips. They’re so darn good and low in fat. I like them better than the actual jackfruit. They’ve got this texture similar to a banana chip and they’re slightly tart.

#2. IBC rootbeer. Seriously, good beer over any carbonated beverage any day.

#3. Pocky. If I could abolish any one thing on a typical snack menu at a theater is those frozen, dried pretzels. They’re so dry, it’s a wonder one can make it go down. I mean, if you’re going to splurge on junk food, at least make sure it taste good because after all, you will be burning it off by running a few miles and also, it helps when the splurge is digestible but I digress. These delicious morsels are biscuits shaped into thin sticks then dipped in white/milk chocolate. It’s a battle between Pocky VS. Pretzel. Pocky wins!

#4. Boba Tea. Except for those out there who cannot sip and chew, boba tea would be the most awesome treat to snack on during a movie. You’re technically eating chewy tapioca balls while drinking at the same time. If that’s not convenient, I don’ t know what is.

#5. Halo Halo. Well hullo halo halo, I’d be happy to munch on something cold and creamy, made with fresh fruit and ice cream. Of course, I’d settle for the Korean version patbingsoo too or the vietnamese che but I’m sure, that would be asking for way too much. Halo Halo baby.

#6. Fruit Cups.

#6. Frozen Fruit Pops. *throws back a Flintstones popsicle*. ‘Nuff said. I want some fruits.

#7. Elotes. Mexican roasted corn with cheese, chile, lime, and butter. Of course, now I’m thinking about the movie Nacho Libre the whole time and the theme song is stuck in my head now. Asking for too much? Perhaps.

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