Dagoba blueberry lavender chocolate

I have heard and read in the past year that adding lavender to foods can be risque; partly because the cook has to guide the diner’s buds from associating the food with bar soap, lotion, or potpourri. But then again, if mint or basil can be incorporated in desserts and lamb, and oddly shampoo sometimes, who’s to keep old lavender out of the club?

At Whole Foods tonight while waiting in line to pay for my lemon oil and rolled oats, I skimmed the stand near the register with those last minute random food bars and organic hand sanitizers of sorts (to which I never fail to notice and purchase, which means either the person who put together the display was really good or I’m just really impulsive) when the purple packaging of Dagoba stood out to me especially when my eyes caught that lavender and blueberries were infused. When the thought was finally registered by my brain, the translation was more like, “The label says chocolate. It smells good. Lavender sounds hella crazy. BUY ME it says.” It’s a bittersweet 59% cacao chocolate with an herbal essence. I anticipated by the way it smelled that it would have a mild floral taste and less and less earthiness.

About Dagoba: This line of chocolate is noted for it’s creative use of herbs and organic elements like berries, ginger, and chai. They make an assortment of cacao percentages for the milk chocolate lovers and bittersweet.

Taste: I think they did a good job maintaining a balanced bittersweet while showing clear lavender flavors. The blueberry flavor on the other hand, was not really there and I think the fact that they incorporated dried blueberries did very little for the product in the end. For instance, even though the chocolate was smooth, the dried fruit gave it a gritty finish. All in all, this is definitely not your average bittersweet becauseΒ  it’s elements make it a novelty type of chocolate. Ergo, Dagoba offers an interesting product for adventurous chocolate connoisseurs especially fans of bittersweet but for me personally, this would not be my bittersweet of choice if the craving strikes.

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