The L.A. Burger, served with a side of nostalgia

In a world where new burger joints grow as fast as frozen yogurt chains, people are growing desperate for something fresh and new. Perhaps Dallas Fort Worth has been waiting for something like a juicy 1/3 lb angus burger topped with jalapenos, kimchee, korean omlette and LA Burger’s spicy home made dressing all embodied in what owners Ben and his brother called “The L.A. Burger”, which can be found at this casual burger joint in Irving, Texas near the Cowboys training camp. But don’t repeat it too loud because it’s not on the menu and you have to be in the know, to know, if you know what I mean. Prices are reasonable from 3.95-6.95 per burger. Other notable items on the menu include Korean style hot dogs, Bulgogi hoagies (I cannot wait to try this next time), and korean tacos (WHAT!).

When asked where the concept of Korean and American fusion cuisine came from, Ben, one of the two brothers,ย  stated that growing up he loved Korean food but also had a palate for a good burger and thought that the mixture of the two worlds created a nostalgic experience for him, and would also create an interesting experience for patrons who are looking for excitement in their culinary adventure. Ben also said that all sauces and pickled items like kim chee are home made. The burgers were a good portion, nearly as large as my face, weighing up to what the menu description called 1/3 lb. I had my L.A. Burger with a side of curly fries and they were piping hot and crunchy, a sign that each side is made fresh to order. Finally, our stale fries nightmares are over. My friend ordered hers with sweet potatoes fries and really enjoyed it. At first bite of the L.A. burger, I could feel my brain trying to figure out what was going on in my mouth. The crunch of the kim chee, the pickled jalapenos, the melted American cheese over the juicy meat, andย  the fried egg in the middle of it all took my tastes buds to an unknown territory. As odd as all the ingredients sound together, it works.

After studying the menu for nearly 2 hours, I’d began to plan what my next meals at L.A. Burger would be.ย  So for those who are thinking about driving out of the way for something new and exciting, I think you and your taste buds would be pleased.


2 thoughts on “The L.A. Burger, served with a side of nostalgia

  1. YAY GREEN NAILS AND GOOOOODDD BURGER!!! this will fix my burger craving for another year! ๐Ÿ™‚ *rubs tummie*

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