The BEST brownie in North Texas goes to…

I’m currently part of this group called Espressoholics Anonymous. We sit around a circle each weekend confessing how hard it’s been giving up coffee. After sharing our breakdowns in the week and releasing caffeine-free tears, we hold hands and sing a song praising the Lord that other less caffeinated things exist: like iced soy chai, jasmine green tea with honey, etc, etc. I’m just trying to sketch to you how hard it’s been giving up a subtle addiction, but still an ADDICTION non the less. In the past few years of college, I’ve developed a habit of having 2 lattes a day just to make it through the day. Now once in a blue moon, I’ll have a latte to socialize with a good dessert. Everything in moderation can’t hurt right?

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A few months ago I started writing a review for the best brownie in North Texas but never got to finish because I didn’t have the right words to describe to you how amazing this morsel is. In Allen, Texas there exists a coffee and ice cream parlor called Coffee n’ Cream. Sure, I’ve had plenty of brownies in my lifetime and have been known to make a few killer brownies myself (cheesecake brownies are my specialty) but there is something spectacular about these I-look ordinary-but wait till you find how what I’m made of-, kind of treats. I kid you not, there is something more than chocolate in these babies, it’s that punch of espresso that creeps up on you in the middle of the first bite.

Since I’ve established how typical these babies look, (dense looking squares, powdered sugar dusted on top) let’s talk about the components. The texture of the brownie is soft and chewy. It’s the kind of dessert you wish you could only eat in July because the chocolate melts all over your fingers while the smell of chocolate espresso create a taste warfare in your mouth only to calm you when the flavors become really good friends in your mouth. It’s the kind of dessert that transports you into another world, the kind of place that restores the good when everything seems to go wrong. I’ve tried duplicating this recipe at home but it never turns out the same which leaves me mystified. Maybe I’ll never get it right but that’s okay because as long as Coffee n’ Cream continue making these babies, I’ll keep coming back. Oh, and if you’re wondering about Coffee n’ Cream’s other treats, their Peach and blueberry bars and lemon bars, are also pretty amazing as well but we’ll save that for another day.


One thought on “The BEST brownie in North Texas goes to…

  1. Hi. I’m John Ennen, and along with my wife Mary, own Coffee N Cream, and currently have locations in Allen and Frisco. We are North Texas’ only Premium Coffee N Specialty Bakery business. Thank you for your most gracious write up about our “Award Winning Mocha Brownie.” It is the creation of our Bakery Manager and Lead Pastry Chef. We are proud winners of “Best in Show” and “Best Dessert” at the Taste of Collin County two years running. Our Specialty Bakery business is what really sets us apart from Starbucks and other coffee-only oriented coffee houses. Our 100% Arabica Premium Coffee is roasted fresh by Cuvee Coffee Roasters of Austin TX. The finest coffee roaster in Texas in our opinion. All your favorite coffee beverages are available in our shops. We feature a bakery menu of over 30 delectible treats. From the Mocha Brownie, to cupcakes, cakeballs and custom cakes. Lemon bars, cookies, banana bread, scones to die for N more. We cater. We custom design cakes, including wedding. We make it all from scratch with our recipes. Come visit us and N-joy! Thank you.

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