Twisted Root Burger…Get your ostrich burger here

Has it already been five years since the buzz about Twisted Root Burger got started? Seems like only yesterday when Guy Fieri popped in for a visit and thereafter the place was hot on the press for what seemed like eternity in the food fad world. The talk about this hot spot slowly died down but continued to echo in food magazines and *gasp*, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” Look, I don’t care if Stevie Wonder or the Dalai Lama ate here, eating at a place just because another person called it great, doesn’t make it the best Burger in America (oh puleeease Burger Business).

The truth is, Twisted Root does a few things well to stand out from it’s competitors: 1. the pickle bar, pick from 4 variety of pickles, great if you’re a pickle person like me 2. home made special sauces including chipotle barbecue, chipotle ketchup, and some kind of sweet mustard dressing. 3. Get your elk, ostrich, lamb, emu, boar, and antelope burger here people (upon availability). 4. home made icecream made by TR’s own pastry chef Steve Thompson.

So then……why am I frowning? The menu is quite overwhelming and not very friendly for newbies. I mean really, you could get lost in that menu because there’s just waaaay too much to look at. I finally ordered the chipotle guac burger. The meat was flavorful but needed salt, the onion strings on it were flavorful crispy and the sweet potato chips (note, they do not have french fries) had a cinnamon sugar seasoning that grew overwhelming after a few bites. My good friend ordered a Western Burger: pepperjack, bacon, jalapeños, and crispy onion strings. I’d recommend ordering your burger medium well or else you’ll end up with a dry patty like mine. All this for $13 a pop. Ouch. We both agreed that it was a good burger but not the best we’ve ever had.

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Kudos: Awesome patio and I love the idea of turning an old car tune-up place into an open burger bar. It’s a great place to kick back when the whether is nice or just people watch. Best burger in Dallas? Let’s take a raincheck for the next visit  after I gather the balls to try an ostrich burger. I wouldn’t recommend driving out of your way to come have a burger here but if you’re in the ‘hood, why not come try it for yourself?

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