Cowtown fun

Spring break is almost coming to an end. I wanted to hit up some local places and get away from the Dallas scene. Every week is a routine. I’m bouncing between Arlington and Irving on weekdays and hiding out in Lewisville and Plano on the weekends. I needed a change of scenery, a hideout where I won’t get knocked over by air pollution while sittin’ on the porch or overwhelmed by Dallas’s quick industrial space. So where does one go? To Fort Worth!

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Spent the rest of the evening with my brother Tony at the Stockyards petting goats and sheep, wandering around the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and watched Tron at the Omni theatre. It was awesome.

I think I like Fort Worth a little bit better. Cowtown has got alot of personality even though it’s a total tourist trap. There’s way too many stores selling the same things. Still, I think the feel of Fort Worth is different. The people are different, in a good way and there’s more laid back things to do besides spotting the best cosmos according to so and so magazine and night clubs in Dallas. What can I say? Next time, we’re going back for the rodeo.


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