Party cupcakes for kids

In the past year when my schedule wasn’t as hectic as it is now, I had leisure time to take a break from the world and do what I love to do most: play with my food. First, a lesson on piping flowers, then, cookbooks after cookbooks later (thanks to my awesome friends), I learned how to manipulate air and sugar so that the very product would rise and fall (sometimes more like magic than gastronomy). ย  In the process I discovered some pretty neat ideas for cake decorating (but today specifically cupcakes) for different party themes and events. Here are a few ways to make adorable cupcakes for your upcoming kids event.

Animal cupcakes

Chick cupcakes: First frost the cakes with plain white frosting. In a zip lock bag, tint 1 cup of coconut flakes with yellow gel food coloring. Seal and shake until flakes are tinted with yellow. Pour flakes onto a shallow bowl and gently dip the cupcakes in the coconut. Decorate with brown m&ms for eyes and orange m&ms for beaks.

Piggies: Tint frosting with a little pink. After mixing color well, use a cake icing spatula dipped in hot water and spread an even coat of frosting. It helps to turn the cupcake at an angle to get a clean layer. Next, add a small dollop of icing for the snout and work spatula in a circular motion to get the round shape. Use a toothpick to make the nostril and top with brown m&ms for the eyes.

Fish: I recommend baking a white cupcake to flow with the ocean theme. Using a white frosting, tint half of it with blue and leave the other half white. In your piping bag, add both the blue and white (this gives it those gorgeous hues of blues for waves). Squeeze icing onto cupcake and pull upwards to create peaks for waves. Continue until cupcake is completely covered and top with Swedish fish. Ta daaaa. Aren’t they darling?

Flowers: check out Seriouscakes for videos on how to create roses and hydrangeas

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