Taco Feud *ding ding*

At exactly 5:25 p.m., a heated conversation about the best tacos in DFW was ignited in my Literary & Criticism class the moment one person called out “BARBACOA.”

Of course me being partial to Al Pastor, I was holding my ground. Another classmate exclaimed that fajitas are best because she ate it for 9 months while pregnant. How does one argue with a pregnant woman? It was stalemate. I let the Prego win. For about 15 minutes we went down a list of the most dingiest, well known and not so well known taco shops and diners that existed. What was more interesting was that each person resides in a different city with only 1 person from Arlington. I guess you could say we formed a United Taco Union.

Finally, we came to agree that the best taco places possess the following: fresh handmade tortillas, greasiness, awesome salsa, served in a shabby front. Apparently, Tacos El Si Hay and Charros are reputable taco stops that happen to found in Oak Cliff. All that talk about tacos made us super anxious to get out of class. I actually thought about driving to Oak Cliff from Arlington for some El Si Hay but thought the drive would wear me down. Instead I went to a little place on Pioneer Pkwy in a new Super Mercado where a little taqueria called Cesar’s tacos occupied. The lengua tacos were awesome but that’s the only good thing I can say. Cesar’s tacos’ salsa and tortillas was definitely lacking and I probably would not return if it wasn’t for the elote in a cup stand in the front of the market.

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