Tart Pastry studio & boutique


If you’re looking for a way to satiate your sweet tooth, the best place to go is Tart Pastry baking studio located on Lovers lane and Inwood. “Baking studio” is the correct description; owner Kirsten Massad graduated from the French Culinary Institute in NY and whips up almost anything one can think of. Fresh fruit pies, eclairs, cupcakes with sweet cream icing, molten chocolate cake, and if that wasn’t enough, look out for the giant glass jars filled with cookies the size of your face. What the legendary Magnolia bakery was for New York, Tart is for Dallas. I can’t fathom why this little bakery isn’t swarming with sugar loving friends like it’s competitors Cupcakery and Sprinkles? Then again, a lot of times people tend to purchase the lifestyle of a particular brand even when it comes to food. There are three things that Tart does especially well:

French macaroons. Ever heard of it? Ever tasted what a flourless cookie made with egg whites, filled with pistachio, lemon, chocolate, or orange cream tastes like? Simply divine and totally addicting.

Cupcakes: Strawberry, lemon, and peanut butter are especially good. The cake is always moist and the frosting is never too sweet.

Pies & Tarts: Peach and blueberry pie and the pear almond tart.

Anyone in Dallas who had overlooked this precious little spot, with a vintage European feel is really missing out on a neighborhood favorite. Plus, the service is always outstanding and it’s always nice to know that you’re supporting a bakery who comes from the area, not stationed in LA or Las Vegas.


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