LÁ ME: Bún Riêu Ôc’ (Escargot soup)

Sluggish, garlicky, salty, tomato-y, and crispy are probably words one would never use to describe a soup except of one kind: Bún Riêu Ôc’. It’s basically a snail soup made with crab paste, dried shrimp, egg drop, blood pudding, and crispy tofu all simmered in a tomato broth. The condiments served on the side are typically paper thin sliced cabbage or water spinach, cilantro, and a lime wedge. Lá Me does this soup really well. However, ever since the new owners took over 2 years ago, there are a few downgrades. Now the soup doesn’t come with water spinach but instead has been replaced by bean sprouts. Also, the baguettes (bánh mì) barely have any pickled vegetables and patê. I would probably never come back for a baguette but the soup is another story.

You should know that the tofu is freshly fried so it’s still crispy and the blood pudding is probably made the same day. The egg has a lime leaf flavor that’s really refreshing. The snails taste fresh and they’re not tough.

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