Comfort food: Not for the faint of heart


I’ve been on an Indian food tour as of late and guess where? My hood. Irving is the mecca for Indian grocery stores and little chaat (Indian street food) cafes and many many Indian restaurants. One of my favorite places to get my Indian fix on is at Mayuri, a modest homey restaurant a block down from The Mustang sculptures at Williams Square Plaza. Vegetarian items shine on Mayuri’s menu though I still think their meat dishes are pretty solid. If you ever get the chance to come here I recommend the Baingan Bhartha, a pungent eggplant entree cooked in curried spices and lots of ginger.Β  I could eat this with some Paneer Masala every single day. This evening I was having some mad cravings for Indian food and I almost decided to try another Indian restaurant but felt like Mayuri was watching my every move. So I came back to her for more..Mayuri, how could I betray you?!Β  This time I opted for the Lamb Mayuri, a lamb dish with spicy tomato curry, bell peppers, and sauteed onions. Lamb MayuriScary hot looking isn’t it? Yeah but not as bad as the vindaloo which is sayin something. I decided to get the Thali with my entree, which is a platter of rice, naan, pinto beans, raita, curried dahl some kind of broth, lentil soup, and a dessert. Overall, the only thing I enjoyed from the Thali was the cooked beans and the raita. I didn’t care for the dahl which was extremely bland or the broth.

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